Stirling’s best takeaway meals revealed by grocer’s survey

The city’s best food stalls were unveiled, with American and Greek food at the top of the charts.

The survey commissioned by the food delivery service Delliveroo on the occasion of its fifth anniversary in Stirling also shows that the favorite time of the locals to enjoy a special treat from the service is 8:16 pm.

According to Deliveroo research, the most popular dish ordered on the platform is a boneless banquet from KFC, closely followed by chicken souvlaki from popular Stirling spot Cafe Aina.

The KFC branch in Stirling is a popular spot for hungry locals

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The popular poultry theme continues through the third most popular item – a Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla from Pepe’s, while the fourth and fifth are picked up by a Large Noodle Box from Dr Noodles and an American from Pizza Express, respectively.

In celebration of its birthday milestone, Deliveroo says it has helped more than 80 people in the area find work, with more than 50 restaurants signing up on the platform.

Harison Foster, Deliveroo Regional Director for the United Kingdom, said: “Our entire team here at Deliveroo is delighted that our rapid growth in Stirling over the past five years has resulted in customers having more choice, restaurants increasing their sales and drivers more have the opportunity to choose well-paid, flexible work. “

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