How to Level Up Fast in Old School RuneScape

There are many reasons to level up as quickly as possible in Old School RuneScape. There may be a money-making method that’s available at higher levels and you wish to get the big bucks faster. Maybe you want to join in on the action with your friends, or maybe it’s sheer competitiveness and desire for greatness. Whatever reason is driving this need of yours, we have made this short guide just for people like yourself who want an idea about fast combat leveling methods so they can improve more easily using OSRS gold which will help carry them through their journey if they invest into buying high-tier items.

Beginner Level

There are many ways to get your first few levels of experience. You can complete the easy Waterfall Quest which rewards a lot of experience and gets you past beginner level, or you could just kill chickens until it’s easier for them to lay eggs than for people.

Mid-tier leveling

Once you’re level 10 or above, it’s advised to kill Ammonite Crabs on Fossil Island. They have low Attack and Defense levels, with 100 HP that might make them your dream opponent! This spot can be rather crowded though, but there are spots where 2-3 crabs will spawn allowing players to AFK while they hunt for their own prey. There is also an alternative in Zeah at the Sand Crab area which has a price of 5k OSRS coins needed before entering. These creatures only have 60 HP so this may not prove as efficient if other places keep being too populated with crab hunters like yourself.

High-tier Leveling

The best spot to train from levels 60-70 to 99 is the Nightmare Zone. NMZ can be entered for free and has no experience rewards so there’s nothing stopping you, but it does come with a mandatory risk of death that many players may not enjoy. The area consists entirely of enemies who are much more powerful than what most people encounter in their day-to-day gameplay; this means they will hit hard and often, which would normally make these battles tedious if not perilous! Fortunately, though, we have potions on our side.

There is more than one successful strategy in NMZ. The most effective is to use Dharok’s Armour set, which allows you to reduce your HP down to 1 and drink an absorption potion at the same time. By doing this you will maximize both damages dealt while also optimizing the usage of potions.

The best way to get experience quickly is by equipping the Obsidian Armor and a decent weapon. This armor will provide massive levels of protection, which means you can dive head first into combat without having to worry about your health.

Here are some monsters you should fight first in the Nightmare Zone to acquire more combat experience:

  • Trapped Soul
  • Sand Snake
  • Skeleton Hellhound
  • Tree Spirit
  • Khazard Warlord
  • King Roald
  • Black Knight Titan
  • Bouncer
  • Count Draynor
  • The Kendal

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