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How much to tip a barber

Oct 16

A barber is a professional who cuts and styles men's and boy's hair. The word "barber" comes from the Latin root "barba," meaning beard. Barbers also cut and style facial hair as requested by their clientele. A typical male client will visit his barber four times a year for a haircut, shampoo, brow shave, facial massage and other services.

There are no set standards on how much to tip a barber, but there are appropriate guidelines. The amount should be equivalent to the service provided by the barber. If you feel your expectations were met, then leave a tip between 10% and 20%. If you feel the haircut was above and beyond what you expected, then leave a tip in the higher end of this range.

The amount should also vary according to the country where you live. In U.S., for example, if your haircut was $20 or more, then it is appropriate to leave a tip between 10% and 20%. If the final cost was less than $20, then it is acceptable to tip between 5% and 10%. The amount should always be left in cash.

If the barber goes above and beyond the standard barbering service by, for example, including a hot towel or oil massage, then it is merited from you to leave a larger tip. If the barber is using hot oils, for example, then you should consider leaving a tip of $10 or more.