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5 ways to help your roof reduce Heating in your Home

Jun 22


People who reside in hot climates like to send out their weather reports as well as other details with those who live in cooler climates. It's a good thing they're there when it is winter.

But, once the heat of summer arrives and their air conditioning units struggle to keep the temperature at a reasonable level the people aren't as eager to talk about their sunny and sunny days.


You might be quick to point fingers at the old air conditioner that you have for high temperatures in your home. However the roof could be the source of the problem. Learn how cool roof products can help you feel more comfortable.


Here are five ways that roofing can help to reduce heat in your home.

Roof Repair

The roofing material you choose to use should not suffer damage. This is the first step towards reducing the amount of energy you use. If the roof is properly installed, it will create an airtight barrier that blocks warm air from getting into your home. Roof repair Castle pa make sure that the roof repair is done correctly. will enhance the appearance of your house as well as assist in preventing leaks.

Insulation for Roofing

Installing roof insulation on your existing roof is one of the most efficient ways to reduce heating costs during the winter months. This creates an air pocket between the two layers of shingles or tiles, which stops heat from getting out.


The roof insulation can also help in summer, as it keeps hot air from entering your home. There are roofing companies in Butler Pa which can assist. In some cases the Department of Energy will even pay you back for your cool roof project.

Color of the Roof

If you reside in a warm climate the roof will be the first place to overheat. Because you're constantly fighting against the sun's direct light that can increase your roof's surface temperature.


In middle school science class you likely learned that darker shades absorb more heat. So it makes sense to apply that fundamental knowledge of heat absorption while choosing your roofing materials' color.


Due to the way light reflects off white roofs and walls, cooling costs can be reduced by as high as 40 percent in hot regions. While a white roof may not sound aesthetically pleasing but there are cool roof options that are elegant and efficient in energy usage. Steadfast Roofing is an expert in this area and can help you find a better solution.

Roof Pitch

A roof that is steeply sloped is more robust and less frequent maintenance than a flat roof. Furthermore, the higher the roof pitch is, the less heat will penetrate the home and can increase the efficiency of your home's energy usage. A roofing professional can help you determine what roof pitch is most suitable for your needs.


Cool Roof Coatings

Cool roof coatings are liquid sealants that are applied to the outside of your roof. It assists in reflecting sunlight and block heat out, resulting in lowered energy costs.


There are various kinds of coatings, including the reflective coatings made of silicone and elastomeric. Both of them will decrease the amount of heat that is absorbed.


Make your home more energy efficient by Using One of These Cool Roof Initiatives

Contractors New Castle PA can help you to reduce the cost of energy and maintain your home's comfort.


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