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What is the reason you need roof Repairs for Leaks Now?

Apr 26


A leak in your roof could result in massive damage to your house. Along with aesthetic issues the presence of water in your home can lead to the structural issue or even a total roof failure.

Here are some possible outcomes of flooding your home through the roof.


  • Be sure to have an environment that is safe for mildew and mold to thrive.

  • The cause of wood rot

  • Get soaked through your drywall

  • The entire roof may fail

  • Water and Mold or Mildew

Mold and mildew thrive in dark, damp conditions. Mold can trigger serious health problems and needs to be dealt with immediately. Examine for mildew and mold spots on the walls and the rafters of your attic, as well as on the walls and ceilings in the main living areas in your house. It could indicate the roof's need to be fixed immediately.


Wood Rot

The signs of wood rot aren't always easy to detect - however, when you do spot it, it appears in yellow or white and appears like it's spongy or stringy. Wood may also turn dark brown or even break down due to rot.


Drywall water

The presence of water in drywall can be detected by looking at the appearance of mildew, discoloration swelling paint, or general sagging. It may be seen in your ceilings or the walls (or both). It's a sure indication that water may leak the drywall and cause further damage if not treated immediately.


Catastrophic Roof Failure due to Water Incursion

Roof damage can be devastatingly caused by wood decay. Sometimes , it's difficult to spot, so watch for saggy spots that are visible from your exterior and examine the rafters in your attic. The decayed wood could cause the roof to fall and could also damage the structural integrity of your home.


How do you determine whether your roof is leaky?

Be on the lookout for evidence of leaks on your roof, both outside and inside. Make sure you remember to call roofing repair san antonio.


  • Dark spots on the ceiling , or walls

  • There are attic spots that sunlight from outside shines through the roof

  • A sagging appearance

  • A shingle that is damaged or missing from the roof

  • Slow draining gutters and/or obstructions in gutters

  • Loose roofing material lying on the ground near to your home

  • Wear and tear around chimneys or roof vents

What will happen if the roof of your house leaks?

The areas that are damaged by water in your home aren't always right beneath the leak. Sometimes, you can follow the path of water and pinpoint the source of the leak, but most of the time it's more difficult than this. Your roof could have multiple leaks too, especially when it's older or been damaged by hail or stormy weather.


The best option is to get in touch with us to arrange for an assessment. We will pinpoint the cause and carry out full roof leak repairs whenever necessary. Shield Roofing can inspect your roof for leaks.

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